• The Race to Universal ‘One Click’ Shopping

    The race is on to unite merchants and consumers around the world, allowing people in any country to transact with just one click. And while a range of firms such as Wal-Mart and eBay are in the game, as well as special-purpose groups such as the W3C consortium that focuses only on payments, the main players are Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Jack Ma of Alibaba. Click here to read Export Now CEO Frank Lavin’s full article, as published in The Wall Street Journal.

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  • 4 Factors That Are Driving China’s Consumer Surge

    We know that China is the largest and fastest-growing consumer market in the world. What is less well understood are the forces that shape consumerism in the world’s most populous country. Is it merely self-indulgence and materialism? In what ways are consumers in China different from those in the West? Click here to learn more, in Export Now CEO Frank Lavin’s latest feature in Forbes.

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  • The Biggest Shopping Day You Can’t Miss

    The China online shopping season is about to kick off this week, so make sure you’re in the know for world’s biggest shopping day of the year. EN CEO Frank Lavin shares some thoughts in the run up to this enormous event.

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  • China Online Retail Growth Poised for Impressive Year

    Recent global GDP growth numbers are out, which means all eyes are on prospects for the future. While US growth fell to just 1.6%, China continues to hold strong at 6.6% overall. Perhaps more importantly, we anticipate enormous growth of 50%-60% still on the horizon for China e-commerce, which is detailed in CNBC’s interview with EN CEO Frank Lavin

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