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Export Now makes it easier than ever before for consumer product companies to market and sell their products online in China. Our cross-border teams help take away the headaches of starting new e-commerce operations overseas, assisting with international logistics, customs clearance, regulatory approval, Chinese website design, order fulfillment, customer support, foreign exchange, and digital marketing.

Join Our Team

We are looking for experienced professionals who are passionate about helping Western brands enter the China e-commerce market. Whether you are based out of Shanghai or the United States, send in a resume and cover letter if you think you have what it takes to help foreign brands tap into the Chinese online consumer market.

We are looking for:

  • China solutions advisors
  • Branding/digital marketing professionals
  • Online store managers
  • Graphic designers
  • Chinese regulatory compliance experts
  • International logistics professionals
  • Web developers
  • Mandarin proficiency preferred

If you are interested in working for Export Now, please fill out this form.