Our Solutions

Comprehensive China Digital Solutions

We offer an integrated set of solutions that allows a brand at any stage of maturity to grow in China's digital space. Our clients work with our U.S.-based client solutions teams and benefit from consolidated management for every aspect of their China digital expansion. We allow our clients to capitalize on the massive growth and scale that is China.

Sell to China on China's Terms

Reach Chinese consumers on their terms. Export Now's solutions enable you to offer local delivery times and payment options to Chinese consumers – and allows them to purchase your products through the same Chinese e-commerce marketplaces they visit every day, including Tmall.com – China's largest B2C e-commerce marketplace, designed exclusively for authentic branded goods.

  • China market insight

    Market insight that empowers our clients to enter the China market with confidence.

    • Market entry consulting
    • Chinese consumer insight
    • China e-commerce strategy
    • Competitive research
    • Opportunity scoping
    • Gray market analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance

    Comprehensive compliance services to navigate China’s complex regulatory environment.

    • Home-country export compliance
    • China import compliance
    • Product-specific registrations and approvals
    • China trademark and intellectual property registration
    • Input VAT and tariff payment
  • Digital Marketing

    Marketing strategy across China’s entire digital landscape.

    • Performance marketing encompassing Alibaba and JD ecosystems, Baidu, social media and mobile
    • Brand marketing and community management on social media
    • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) strategy, outreach and management
    • Reporting and analytics to provide actionable consumer insights
  • Customer Support

    12x7 multi-channel customer support.

    • Pre-sales inquiries
    • Post-sales customer support
    • Product- and brand-specific consumer education
    • Returns process management
    • Store ratings management
    • Consumer data reporting and analytics
  • Channel Development

    Build your sales and presence across China’s many e-commerce channels.

    • Sell directly to e-tailing platform
    • Sell to specialty stores within China's largest channels
    • Develop a presence across niche, category-specific e-commerce channels
  • Inbound Logistics

    Logistics support to rapidly move products to e-commerce store shelves.

    • Customs declarations
    • Documentation management
    • Shipment offloading, breakdown, inspection, and damage reporting
    • Free Trade Zone warehousing
    • Transportation of product into China
  • E-Store Operations

    E-store setup and management across a broad range of Chinese e-commerce platforms.

    • Chinese e-commerce platform registration
    • Store design and development
    • Assortment planning
    • Content localization
    • Data-driven merchandising and content refresh
  • Order Fulfillment

    Order fulfillment operations customized for client requirements.

    • E-commerce order fulfillment (pick/pack/ship)
    • Inventory management and reporting
    • Carrier management
    • Packaging procurement and storage
    • Bonded and non-bonded warehousing
    • Returns management
    • B2B order fulfillment
  • Financial Settlement

    Transaction management, foreign exchange and remittance in home currency.

    • E-commerce transaction management
    • In-country payment of tax and 3rd-party service fees
    • Foreign exchange
    • Remittance of net revenues
    • Monthly settlement and reporting
  • Multichannel Distribution

    Set up and manage wholesale and retail sales channels.

    • Situation analysis
    • Retail targeting, negotiations and acquisition
    • Account management
    • Merchandising
    • Finances and logistics
    • Offline marketing
  • Cloud-Based Platform

    Secure core operational system deployed in cloud.

    • Support for multiple e-commerce marketplaces
    • No hassle access to real-time orders, sales, and inventory
    • Integration with multiple fulfillment locations
    • API integration for client or other 3rd-party systems